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Blacks in the 1930's

Report done by Devan and Chris
Period 2

The times for black people weren't very easy at all back in the 1930's

The 1930's were a turbulent time for race relations in America. Besides the increase of organizations like the Ku Klux Klan  racism was as strong as ever in the Southern states. Furthermore,  increased presence of Black Americans in Southern cities resulted in increased tension between the black and white races there as well.

What the lived threw there entire live's!

A Chronology of Events

Date:08/05/20 Four black men in McClenny are removed from the local jail and hung for the alleged rape of a white woman.

11/02/20 Two whites and at least five blacks are killed in Ocoee in a dispute over voting rights. The black community of

Ocoee is destroyed, 25 homes, 2 churches, and a Masonic Lodge.

2/12/21 A black man in Wauchula is hung for an alleged attack on a white woman.

12/09/22 A black man in Perry is burned at the stake, accused of the murder of a white school teacher. A black church, school, Masonic Lodge, and meeting hall are burned.

12/31/22 On New Year's Eve a large Ku Klux Klan Parade is held in Gainesville.

01/01/23 Early morning: Fannie Taylor reports an attack by an unidentified black man.

Monday afternoon: Aaron Carrier is apprehended by a posse and is spirited out of the area by Sheriff Walker.

Late afternoon: A posse of white vigilantes apprehend and kill a black man named Sam Carter.

01/02/23 Armed whites begin gathering in Sumner.

01/04/23 Late evening: White vigilantes attack the Carrier house. Two white men are killed, and several others wounded. A black woman, Sarah Carrier is killed and others inside the Carrier house are either killed or wounded. Rosewood's black residents flee into the swamps. One black church is burned, and several unprotected homes. Lexie Gordon is murdered.

01/05/23 Approximately 200-300 whites from surrounding areasbegin to converge on Rosewood. Mingo Williams is murdered. Governor Cary Hardee is notified, and Sheriff Walker reports that he fears "no further disorder." The Sheriff of Alachua County arrives in Rosewood to assist Sheriff Walker.James Carrier is murdered.

01/06/23 A train evacuates refugees to Gainesville.

01/07/23 A mob of 100-150 whites return to Rosewood and burn the remaining structures.

01/17/23 A black man in Newberry is convicted of stealing cattle. He is removed from his cell and hung by local whites.

02/11/23 A Grand Jury convenes in Bronson to investigate the Rosewood riot.

02/15/23 The Grand Jury finds "insufficient evidence" to prosecute.

A lote of these prosecutions went through without anybody standing up for the blacks, because if the did they would be beat or even killed.